Caring For Your Fence After A Flood

Caring for your fenceThe hurricane season will go through November 30th which means we will still need to keep a close eye on the tropics. Even though New Orleans has not been hit by a hurricane this season so far, heavy rains in July and August did cause some significant street flooding in the city. If your property was flooded during these events, don’t forget to take a closer look at your fence!

What You Need To Know

After a flood, make sure to clean your fence since floodwaters can have all kinds of chemicals that may harm it. Spray your fence down with water and make sure to remove all the debris that may have gotten caught on your fence during the flood. Also, check out your fence posts. Have they gotten weak or are they still securely anchored in the ground? The floodwaters may have washed out some earth around or underneath your posts. You may have to install new fence posts if they are starting to tip over.

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