Wrought Iron Cleaning Tips

Wrought Iron FenceWrought iron is a great material for an outdoor fence or other ornamental accessories and indoor accents including brackets and fixtures. The material is very durable; however, due to its rather rough texture, it tends to collect a lot of dust. Your wrought iron fence will collect a lot of pollen or get dirty when you are mowing the grass around it.

How To Get It Clean

If the surface of your wrought iron fence is very dusty, you could start the cleaning process with a vacuum cleaner that has a brush attachment. Remove or loosen as much dust as possible. Then, it is best to mix some soap with water to wash the surface down. Experts recommend using plant-based soaps  which are alkaline on the pH scale. This makes them safer for use on surfaces than acid-based soaps, since they don’t eat away at the paint. If the wrought iron fence is rather intricate, maybe use a small nylon brush (e.g. a toothbrush) to get dirt out of crevices.  Once you are done, rinse the fence with clean water. You could simply hose your fence down to get rid of the soap water. Use a lint free towel to dry  off your wrought iron fence or simply let it air dry. If you find, that your wrought iron fence has some rust on it, it is best to use a wire brush or even sandpaper to brush it off. Try not to let rust, which can be a problem especially in coastal communities, build up too much. If you leave rust on wrought iron unattended, it develops more extensively and becomes harder to remove.

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