What You Need To Know When Building A Puppy Fence

Puppy FenceIt’s almost Christmas and you and your family might be thinking about getting a puppy. There are many things to consider before the four-legged addition to your family can move in. One of things you should consider is getting the right fence for your yard to keep your new dog safe and make sure s/he does not get out and run away.

What A Puppy Fence Should Look Like

When building a fence in your yard for your new dog, keep in mind that big dogs will be able to jump once they  are fully grown up. A four foot fence most likely will not be tall enough for a full grown German Shepherd. For most breeds a six foot fence should be sufficient. You could also add some extensions later on, once your dog is fully grown. Even a tall fence will not deter your dog from trying to climb it.

Keep in mind that chain link fences are fairly easy to climb for a dog since they provide him/her with footholds. The smoother your fence the more climb-proof it will be.

Dogs love to chase other animals. In order to keep your dog from trying to get out, it will help if he/she cannot see the critters (ie squirrels) on the other side. A fence the provides some privacy will help keep your dog calmer.

Also, consider creating your dog a space where it is acceptably to dig, to deter him/her from digging under the fence. Burying chicken wire at the base of your fence will make it more difficult to dig a whole under the fence, but make sure to roll the sharp edges away from your yard. Large rocks, partially buried along your fence line can also help keeping your dog from digging. If you don’t have large rocks, bury the bottom of your fence about 1 to 2 feet below the surface. For more tips visit: https://www.humanesociety.org/resources/stop-dogs-digging.

Try to keep your dog entertained and walk and play with your four-legged friend as often as possible. If your puppy is happy and not bored he/she is less likely to try to break out.

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